I LOVE Vampire Stories.

Movies, Books, Comics, Video Games, Role Playing Games, whatever. I grew up on the Lost Boys, then fell in love with my wife over a game of Vampire The Masquerade. I moved to Los Angels just in time for Buffy the Vampire Slayer to premiere, and then witnessed the movie landscape shift a year later with Blade. I cracked open Interview with the Vampire much later in life than I should have, and inhaled it all the way through Queen of the Damned. I read Dracula for the first time in my late 30’s, just in time to watch Twilight hit the scene. And I loved it. (Even got a screen credit on one of the films!). I’m convinced Dracula Untold was only made for me, (thank you, Legendary,) and I think Jonathan Rees Meyers was inspired casting for the NBC show.

And I never miss an episode of Legacies. I know.

I know.

So please, come with me! And together, we can explore THE VAMPIRE’S CASTLE!