From the Pages of Bram Stoker’s DRACULA...

The women of Dracula return! Lucy Westenra and Mina Harker re-unite in the modern night. Lucy is now a master vampire, and Mina is still mortal, though no longer aging due to to Dracula’s bite. But vampire hunters have once again found where Lucy sleeps. With daylight on their side, Lucy reaches out to her best friend, hoping Mina’s experience as a vampire hunter will help her survive ‘till nightfall. Starring Gabriella Biziou as Mina Harker and Megan Rees as Lucy Westenra. It’s stakes and bullets vs swords and fangs in LUCY X MINA!

PG-13, Run time18 minutes.

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A Documentary about Urban Vampire Hunters.

The first original movie from The Vampire’s Castle is BLACK AMBIENT: Journal of a Vampire Hunter! The film follows a documenrarian embedded in a group of Vampire Hunters as they track down the most formidable adversary yet. From the streets of downtown to the shadows of the suburbs, BLACK AMBIENT gives an in depth look into the lives and tactics of modern day Vampire Hunters!

PG-13, Run time: 45 minutes.

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