I LOVE Vampire Stories.

I wanted a Youtube Channel so niched that it was only about Vampire Stories and the creative process of making them. I wanted to hear from writers and artists and craftspeople who make the stories I love, and I wanted to hear about their processes. And, to be honest, I wanted to roll around the great big tapestry that is vampire fiction - from Polidori’s The Vampyre all the way up to Castlevania, as if it were all one glorious world of night and teeth.

So please, come with me! And together, we can explore THE VAMPIRE’S CASTLE!


I wanted to do a multi-format show. It just seemed more interesting to me, and we could cover more ground. I’m collecting each series as its own Youtube Playlist to make it easier to run through every epsiode. But you might want to start in one place instead of another, so I have each of the various playlists linked here. Choose at your leisure.